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Semi - Continuous Tyre Recycling Plant

The whole project is composed of 20tpd Semi Continuous waste tyre pyrolysis Plant

  • Raw Material Waste tyre chips (5 to 25 MM steel free wire)
  • Final Product Tyre Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black Powder, Pre Processed Steel Wire
  • Physical Parameters
    • Raw Material : Waste Tyre Chips 5 t o 25 MM ( Steel Free Tyre) Not Suitable for Shredded Tyres
    • Capacity : 20 Ton Per day
    • Status of Slag : Carbon and Flash
    • Area : 3000 Square meter
  • Production Tyre Pyrolysis Oil : 40 % to 42 %,
    Carbon Black Powder : 30 % to 33 %
  • Consuming Data
    • Fuel : Tyre Pyrolysis Oil, Uncondensed Gas
    • Daily Input Capacity : 20 Ton Per Day
    • Cooling Water (Evaporating Loss) : 500 Liter Day
    • De-dusting Water (Consumption Loss) : 1000 Liter per day


According to the semi Continuous pyrolysis technology, the equipment we recommend in this proposal is the FAB Semi Continuous Plant updated equipment of our company. It’s the new developed process, including Semi Continuous feeding system, Semi Continuous rotating pyrolysis system, Semi Continuous slagging system, Semi Continuous cooling system, smell removal system, Semi Continuous tail gas recycling system, Semi Continuous smoke cleaning system as well as PLC automatic control system, etc. The whole pyrolysis process is running under a completely sealed environment and on very high automatic control level, no need manual operation for feeding & slagging. The fully automatic and mechanical process makes sure the working environment is totally safe and clean


  • Our Reactor has 360 Degree outside rotating system which allows it to heat proper way so it has long life,
  • Spiral Flats are designed in to the reactor which helps running the material by its inner wall. The raw material direct contacted with the heat transfer surface and received immediate heat and evenly distributed.
  • Reactor can be loaded by steel wire free tyre chips and It can also separate the carbon black from hair steel wires at the time of carbon discharge. It has hair steel in wires it can be collected by hair steel magnet separator machine. Hence it will be collected directly to the carbon bags if it doesn’t have hair steel in it.
  • Gas & oil burner can be used for extra flue uncondensed gas for secondary heating process of the pyrolysis reactor, which will reduce production cost and customer revenue. The flue gas after combustion is treated by dual wash scrubber system as per environment standards. Ii is using evaporated flue gas for heating process of reactor, where we recycle extra heat for the process.

Safety Measures

  • The invention of "special" sealing methods and structures. Semi Continuous pyrolysis process is the Continuous supply of raw materials to the reactor during the pyrolysis process of the reactor, and the slugging and prevention of pyrolysised oil and gas from leaking through the feed inlet and slag outlet. It has sealing box at the feeding and the interlocking sealing device of discharging with gas kit and Gland rope to prevent oil and gas from leaking during production and ensuring safe production.
  • It has Dual AIR Lock Valve System to control the pressure of gas during the process, where It will help to input raw material Semi Continuously.
  • Carbon black powder will be unloaded by its Carbon unloading screw with help of Dual AIR lock System, where It will connected to Output conveying system to the cooling ribbon blender. By using of Ribbon blender it can reduce the total process time.
  • It has dual tail gas treatment system. The non-condensable flammable gas produced in the process of generation can be deodorized to remove the harmful gas with irritating odor. After the initial purification, the non-condensable flammable gas heats the reactor as a supplementary heat source. The generated dusty flue gas passes through the venture system eliminate the harmful gas components and fumes in the flue gas auto ignition flaring at 30 meter height to reach the environmental protection standard.
  • FAB Semi Continuous plant has micro-negative pressure process. The main advantage is that it can ensure that the pyrolysis oil and gas continue to move to the rear of the production system, preventing the condensed gas from flowing back to the reactor, causing secondary heating and re-cracking to achieve energy conservation and improve oil quality.

Safety Evaluation

  • Leakage prevention The equipment adopts a fully enclosed structure, and all the hazardous media is operated in the closed system. The welds of the whole equipment including the reactor are 100% non-destructive testing qualified. Besides, the equipment is qualified for airtight testing before delivery to ensure there is no leakage in all the flange connections, threaded connections and welds. The pipelines and other joints installed on-site shall also be airtight tested before being put into use.
  • Real-time monitoring of pressure and temperature Reactor has Pressure control and temperature control sensors to indicate accurate pressure and temperature of reactor. FAB Semi Continuous plant has installed PLC system to prevent unnecessary pressure & temperature; It also monitors operating pressure and temperature. When It limits the pressure and temperature PLC will anomaly observed and promptly sound and light the alarm.
  • Detection of flammable Gas The device area should be well ventilated to prevent the explosive limit when the accidental leakage of combustible gas in the device area is too high. If conditions are met, we install flammable gas/vapor detector in the device area so that the flammable gas around the device area can be monitored in real time to see if the gas concentration is too high.
  • Fire Fighting Systems
    • The user shall be equipped with fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and other fire protection facilities in the installation area according to the provisions of the fire-related regulations (This part requires the user to equip them on site.
    • Workers must use explosion-proof tools and wear qualified labor protection products when working. During the maintenance process reactor pipelines, the internal pressure must be released first, and the medium should be replaced, then it could be opened after qualified testing. If you need to carry out hot or fire work on the equipment, you must implement safety and technical measures such as cutting off, isolation, replacement, cleaning and ventilation, and follow the procedures to complete the worksheet.
  • Operating Training & Maintenance
    • Suppliers provide theoretical operating training by qualified engineers at our facility. FAB Semi Continuous plant also provides practical training to owner and their qualified employees at their running site location. All personnel should be trained and qualifiedly tested before starting job.
    • Supplier provides Standard Operating Procedures along with its plant.
    • The parts must be kept away from the equipment by 50 meters with the fire or welding work. If it is impossible to remove the work piece or equipment, then the entire equipment must be cleaned and free from any oil and flammable materials first, and with sufficient fire protection measures and labor protection conditions can it be performed.
  • Backup Power & Water Supply During the operation, the device may have abnormal temperature and pressure rise with power failure or water stoppage. It is recommended that users have power backup.

Item Parameters

  • Material Feeding Conveyor
  • Material Loading Dual Airlock System
  • Material Feeding & Carbon Output Screw
  • Reactor Gland Pusher
  • Carbon Unloading System
  • Carbon Unloading Dual Airlock System
  • Carbon Removal Jacket Screw
  • Carbon Cooling System
  • Carbon Steel Removal System
  • Gas Controlling System

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