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Hotmix Plant

Hot mix plant is also known as “Drum mix plant”. It involves mixing of different size aggregate with hot bitumen to give the resultant hot aggregate hence it is called “Hot mix plant”. FABHIND provides different capacity hot mix plant ranging from 20 TPH to 120 TPH. Our plant differs from other companies as we combine technology with customization as per client’s requirement to make more reliable for customer to use it as per their demand. FABHIND provides sturdy design with easy to operate technology. Also this Hot mix plant is made into fully automated technology & PLC SCADA can also be installed according to the client’s demand.

Components and Features

Four Bin Feeder

As per the name there are total four bins (& if client requires more we can customize it) with a radial gate at each bin opening to maintain aggregate flow. It is equipped with conveyor belts with variable speed motors to regulate the mixed size aggregate flow to the slinger.

Slinger Conveyor

It is attached to four bin feeder at one end & to drying drum at other end. In between vibrating screen is incorporated to remove any oversize material coming from four bin feeder & entering drying drum.

Drying Drum

It is equipped with different types of flights at 2-3 different portions of the drum to facilitate uniform heating of mixed aggregate so that moisture content in the aggregate can be reduce to the desired point of less than 0.5%. Further these aggregates are mixed with bitumen. Bag house unit, Burner & load out conveyor are attached to drying drum.

Pollution Control Unit

Here mainly venture type dust collector system is used to convert dusty smoke to less polluted form of gas to release into the atmosphere. The dust laden gas coming from drying drum is withdrawn & transferred to dust convertor via exhaust fan. Through multiple water spray nozzles, the dust laden gas is turbulently mixed with water & the resultant sludge dusty water enter sludge separator where the dust laden water is remove by centrifugal action of perforated skimmer plate & the resultant gas which is converted to harmless, pollution free gas to finally release it in to the atmosphere.

Bitumen Tank

Bitumen is safely stored in bitumen tank placed inside it to keep the bitumen hot for the period of time we require it to be hot. The pipes & pump used is jacketed for protecting it against high temperature. Heat inside bitumen tank is controlled with the help of thermostatic valve. Bitumen is feeded via pneumatic way into the hot mix plant. To measure appropriate quantity of bitumen, level indicators are provided.

Load Out Conveyor

The hot aggregate coming out from drying drum is carried by inclinely placed heat resistant conveyor belt into the truck. The whole process is hydraulically operated through surge storage hopper. This conveyor belt used is of high quality & standard make and is supported by number of idlers. Also for prevention of any kind of hot aggregate sticking, belt scrapper is used.


Fully computerized panel is given with functional & numeric keys so only basic skills are needed for operating it. From first step of aggregate pouring into four bin feeder to ready mix hot aggregate pouring into the truck is automatically operated through panel. Screen provides full information on current flow of material, temperature, different process details, any fault detection, any printing fault, service due etc. User friendly software is installed to provide reliability & high performance.

Hot Mix Plant Process

Different size aggregates are feed into four bin feeder which is further carried by conveyor belt into the drum through slinger conveyor. In between vibrating screen is placed in order to remove any big size material entering drying drum. With the help of different shape flights, the aggregate is heated to eradicate moisture content in it & then further mixed with required quantity of hot bitumen to form uniform mixture of hot aggregate which is transferred to the truck via load conveyor. Below shown the road made from Drum mix plant

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