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Main Function

Cutting the pre shredded tire chips(size:50x100mm) into rubber crumbs (size:s25mm).


Vary kind of equipment specifications, Can be customized.

  • The capacity for individual machine is 500kg/h-4000kg/h.
  • Because of the special design for the roter and stator blades, it is possible to process the tire rubber which wire diameter is 30mm and there is steel wire circle inside it, and the lifetime of blade will long.
  • Hamarized design just need about 8 minutes to disassemble the top cover


No. Products Model Power(KW) Quantity
1 Conveyor(material storage) 1.5+2.2 1
2 Feeding conveyor 3 1
3 Rasper 355+7.5 1
4 Conveyor(with head roll magnetic) 1.5 1
5 Magnetic separator 1.5 2
6 Conveyor 2.2 1
7 Dust collector 11+1.5KW 1
8 Electrical control panel 1
Steel Cleaning System
9 Conveyor 2.2 1
10 Rotary screen 5.5 1
11 Conveyor 2.2 1
12 Conveyor 2.2 1
12 Conveyor 2.2 1


Summary of Equipment

Power Supply

  • Voltage: 3phase 415V
  • Hertz : 50Hz

Input Requirements

  • Car and Truck Tires, input size ≦200mm
  • All tires should be free of foreign objects such as stones, flammable fluids, etc.
  • Maximum steel content by weight is 30%
  • Maximum textile content by weight is 15%
  • Maximum rubber content by weight is 55-60%

Input Capacity

  • Up to 4t per hour

Available Output Products and Size Range

  • Wire free Rubber Chips—Size Range is 20mm. After Rasper LGF66160
  • Rubber purity ≧99%, rubber with steel less than 1%
  • Steel purity ≧90%(without steel cleaning system),steel with rubber 10-12% Steel purity ≧ 98%(with steel cleaning system),steel with rubber 1-2%

Recommend Operators and Installation

  • The plant is automatically controlled and the workers are mostly occupied with feeding quality control, and management of the plant. Depending on requirements, the plant will need four to five people per shift to operate. One mechanic and 3-4 material handlers.
  • Install this plant need approx. 10days.


The equipment ships in 40’HQ containers. This plant will require 3 containers depending on the final design of the plant.

Standard of Equipment

  • Standard
  • Motor brand: xxx
  • Gearbox brand: xxx
  • Bearing brand: xxx
  • Electrical components: Main parts are xxxxx


Conveyor (Material storage)

  • Model: xxx
  • Power:2.2+1.5kw
  • Working Width: 1000mm
  • Working Length: 4,000mm
  • With feeding device


  • Model: xxx
  • Power: 3kw
  • Working Width: 1200mm
  • Working Length: 10,000mm Loading material into rasper


  • Model:xxx
  • Main Motor:355+7.5kw
  • Speed :83rpm
  • Rated torque:36000Nm
  • Gearbox: xxx series 14#
  • Safety factor of gearbox 2.9
  • Rotor knives :36pcs xxx
  • Fixed blades :34pcs xxx
  • Blades material xxx
  • Screen size:φ20mm 2 Nos
  • Weight :25000kg
  • Motor and gearbox are Chinese brand

The machine is mainly used for crushing the rubber block from the two shaft shredder into 20 mm rubber granule, thus, the wires and rubber is still in a mixture but not stick together.


  • Power: 1.5kw
  • Working Width::1600mm
  • Working Length: 4,500mm
  • With head roll magnetic

Magnetic cross belt

  • Model: xxx
  • Power: 1.5kw
  • Rotating speed : 36rpm
  • Outline dimension xxxx (mm)

The magnetic separator is used for separating the steel wire from the mixture that is coming from the LGF separator.


  • Model: xxxx
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Working Width: 1000mm
  • Working Length: 7,000mm Loading rubber granule into big bags

Dust collector

  • Model: xxxx
  • Power:7.5kw

Electrical Control Panel

The electric system uses the SIEMENS LOGO control, which automatically detect overload and has protection functions.

Steel cleaning system(Optional)

  • Steel from this system with rubber 1-2%


  • Model: xxx
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Width: 800mm
  • Length: 8500mm

Rotary screen

  • Model: xxx
  • Power:5.5kw
  • Length :5000mm
  • Diameter: 1500mm


  • Model: xxx
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Width: 800mm
  • Length:10000mm


  • Model: xxx
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Length: 6000mm


  • Model: xxxx
  • Power:2.2kw
  • Width: 800mm
  • Length:6000mm

Layout drawing

  • Xxx

Optional equipment’s: Steel cleaning system total price

  • Delivery term: FOB Mundra
  • This price doesn’t include installation cost at buyer’s factory
  • This price doesn’t include cable& wire for whole line


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