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Concrete batching plant


1. Pan Type Mixer

The Mixer is mainly used for mixing good quality of concrete hence we have our own designed pan mixer to obtaining a homogeneous mixing quality.

FAB pan mixers are preferred all over market due to their easy and cost effective maintenance, simple operation and batching performance.

We have been available 0.25m 3 to 1.0m 3 vibrated concrete per batch capacity pan mixers are available with us.

Advance features of FAB pan mixers;

  • High batching performance 
  • Easy operation and maintenance 
  • High homogeneity even with short mixing time 
  • Highly wear-resistant mixer wear parts 
  • Easy maintenance due to wide maintenance gates and bolted type replaceable linings 
    Low maintenance cost.

2. Aggregate, Cement, Water & Additive Weighing hoppers

Water, Cement and additive hopper mounted on independent frame structure and separate weighing can be done by individual electronic load cell. Water pump installed on chassis for water and aditive feeding.

3. Aggregate Weighing Conveyor

The aggregate conveyor is inserted with chassis. The said weighing conveyor has chevron type belt and it is suspended on four load cell for accurate weighing function. Weighing conveyor is driven by geared motor which is directly mounted on end of drive drum. Weighing hopper is made from mild steel suitable to heavy working conditions for long time workability.

4. Aggregate storage Bin

The aggregate storage bins made from wear resistance ms sheet same are integral welded with chassis frame. The aggregate bins have in cross layout. The installation of aggregate storage bins is very user friendly as the construction process and the extension of the pre-assembly reduce the installation time of the plant at site. The aggregate storage bins are enlarged to facilitate the loading process by loader. The discharge window of aggregate bins opened through pneumatic cylinders.

5. Screw conveyor for cement

This is meant for cement feeding in to cement hopper, it is made from most efficient wear resistance flight for longer life in cement conveying. The diameter of screw flight is 219mm which is most efficient for rated output.

6. Cement feeding hopper 1.0 m3

This hopper is used for storage of cement. The storage capacity of the hopper is 50 bags cement. Instead of bigger silo, this could be an optional storage for small quantum of work.

7. Control Panel

The system combines the power of a PLC base batch controllers to provide reliable and accurate controlling. The system can be handled different scales like; Aggregate, Cement Water & Additive. The system is capable of handling multi-scale, multi-ingredient batching & mixing operation, with all necessary interlocking, timing, alarm generation, event-logging, recipe & report generating facility.

The system has Touch Screen password protection display with compact flash socket to increase memory capacity with Serial communication ports, internet port & USB port. Also the high speed sampling ensures batch to batch accuracy. All necessary interlocks are programmed within the system to allow parallel batching operation.

Salient Features

  • Compact and economically designed.
  • Longer life of wear & tear parts
  • Heavy duty structure
  • Quick erection & commissioning in a day
  • Inbuilt pipeline of water, additive and pneumatic.
  • One operator can run the plant.
  • Can be delivered in single truck.


  • Cement storage silo & its screw
  • Fly ash storage silo & its screw
  • Microwave Moisture Meter
  • Computer  SCADA System with accessories
  • Online-offline printing system
  • In-built control cabin
  • Skid for chassis

Technical Specification

Models Unit FCP20 FCP25 FCP30 FCP45
Plant capacity m3/hr 20 25 30 45
Type of mixer - Pan mixer
Mixer capacity m3 0.25 0.4 0.5 0.75
Input/output Litre 600/250 750/400 800/400 1250/750
Motor power Hp 20 25 30 40
Hy. Power pack Hp 2Hp
Feeding belt size 800 x 3Ply. Chevron type
Conveyor motor Hp 12.5Hp
Aggregate Bins Nos. 4
Capacity of Bin m3 4 4 5.5 8
Aggregate weighing
Load cell (04)
Kgs. 1000 1000 2000 2000
Cement weighing
Load cell (03 Nos.)
Kgs. 200 200 300 600
Water weighing
Load cell (03Nos.)
Kgs. 200 300 300 300
Additive weighing
Load cell (01No.)
Kgs. 10 20 50 50
Water pump Hp 2 2 3 5
Sand vibrator Hp 0.25
Cement vibrator Hp 0.125
Cement screw Dia. 168 219 219 219
Fly ash screw Dia. 168 219 219 219
Screw power Hp 10 15 15 15
Air compressor Hp 3 3 3 3
Total power Hp 50 60 66 78

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