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Pyro Water Burner

Pyro – Water word is used for the material which is removed as a waste product from Tyre Pyrolysis Oil. This Pyro – Water is a mixture of water, oil and carbon particles and is very harmful for all living organisms and highly pollutes the environment as well.

In every process approx. 400 liters of Pyro – Water is produced along with pyrolysis oil and since it contains a certain percentage of oil and carbon in it, it has a very high calorific value. This can be used in the initial firing purpose hence eliminating the use of wood/briquettes up to 90%.

Therefore making the Tyre Pyrolysis Plant a very eco-friendly recycling equipment.



  • Labour Cost To Put Wood In Furnace Is Saved
  • Save Money In Disposing The Waste Pyro Water
  • Much Lesser Emissions In Comparison To Wood
  • No Air Pollution & Ground Water Pollution
  • Machine Can Be Used To Cool Down The Plant To Reduce The Cooling Time
  • Increase In Number Of Batches
  • Easy Handling

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