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Wet Mix Macadame Plant

As water is used in this plant, it is also called “WET MIX PLANT”. The combine mixture of sand, cement, and coarse aggregate along with water forms the resultant Wet mix plant mixture. Those contractors who are looking for robust & quality construction of road lane for small towns/villages, then “WET MIX PLANT” is best for them. FABHIND Company has supplied many WMM plants of varying capacity ranging from 60 TPH to 200 TPH in India.


There are two different types of WET MIX PLANT:

  • 1. WBM (Water bound macadam)
  • 2. WMM (Wet mix macadam)

In WBM plant coarse aggregates, Hand broken aggregate, Screenings (stone/gravel/moorum), and binder (fine grained material) is used. It is conventional method. While in WMM plant graded coarse aggregate with binder forms the resultant mixture. WMM is more expensive than WBM as it involves mixer unit for mixing of aggregate also needs paver to lay the mixture on road. While in WBM labors do all the task of mixing & laying. Hence road constructed through WMM is more strong & reliable than road constructed via WBM plant.

WET MIX PLANT helps to make strong & durable base layer for further laying of hot mix asphalt. FABHIND provides quality Wet mix macadam plant which is very simple & easy to operate. Uniform mixing of aggregates, accurate blending, proper discharge of product without any segregation and binding of additive are the main objectives kept in mind while designing this road construction equipment. High quality steel parts and other quality base tough structure make it strong and reliable. Different components of WET MIX MACADAM plant are:

  • Cold bin feeder
  • Water tank & metering
  • Pug mill mixer
  • Storage silo
  • Anti segregation surge hopper
  • Control panel


Four bin feeders attach with each other in an anti-bridging fashion enhances easy and uniform flow of aggregates of different size. Smooth bin wall at valley angles allows free flow of different size aggregates without obstructing it at corners and preventing sticking to other aggregates. Automatic slide gates are provided with each bin for allowing aggregates to fall on conveyor. The aggregate flow from the feeders are operated using variable frequency drive having proportionate controls and high accuracy with great flexibility of operation.


Water tank with surge capacity is provided with control valves to operate the flow of water to the mixer along with spray bar. For proper and accurate metering , water flow meter is attached to it. Also a water pump is offered aiding with flexible pipe arrangement give an extra emphasis.


Twin shaft type mixer is used for simultaneous mixing of different size aggregate along with additives. Paddles of mixer are made from high quality steel alloy that ensures it extended life and wear resistant quality. The shaft of paddles is mounted on tough bearings having anti-friction quality for uniform functioning of plant. The liners used here are resistant to wear and tear hence it has low maintenance cost.


According to the plant capacity, storage silo are provided with clamshell gates having fast and easy opening and hydraulically operated. This facilitates quick discharge of mixed aggregate. It is easy to transfer and to erect.


The surge hopper arrangement allows discharge into trucks without any obstruction and spillage. Hydraulically operated clamshell gates open across the entire width of the hopper, preventing segregation of the mixed aggregate and easy transfer of mix.


The automatically operated control panel with weather protected cabin allows easy operation of the plant. The precise and sequential steps in the panel ensure accurate control over the whole process.