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Why Fabhind Is A Leading Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Manufacturer


FABHIND Company is established in the year 1991, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company involved in manufacturing, supply & installation of Waste Tyre recycling plant & its accessories. Due to the vast experience & knowledge in the field of fabrication, we have implemented new innovations & techniques for getting high yield product with ease of operation. Also the material we used is of high quality with warranty & guarantee.

Why Fabhind Plant

FABHIND has group of team for different states & cities for installation, Service & training. After installation of Tyre recycling plant, our experienced engineers conduct training for 10 batches & 10 days & we assist until client is satisfied. As far as machinery is concerned, we use high quality MS plate for long life and high resistance against wear & tear of reactor & other parts. Hence any kind of risk of any reactor blast or its leakage can be prevented. Also other parts used like Gear, motor, valve, bolts, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, load cells etc. are branded with one year replacement guarantee at site FABHIND provide annual service for free after installation of Tyre plant. Our customer service staffs are ready to assist on phone 24* our service units are located at Gujarat , Maharashtra , Bangalore , Andhrapradesh. The machinery parts & mechanism incorporated in the whole Tyre plant gives easy access to the operator for running the plant & yield obtained by our said method will also be high due to our long term experience in this field.

PLCBased SCADA System

We have introduced unique feature for the panel of this plant called PLC based SCADA system. This will help those clients who are unable to visit the plant site regularly. Through PLC based SCADA system, clients can access the working of plant remotely via his/her mobile. Hence customer without actual going to the Tyre plant site can operate the plant working time & its following processes through panel for ultimately collection of oil into the oil tank.

Waste tyre Recycling plant is moreover eco-friendly technology used for elimination of waste & producing energy source out of it that can be used in different sectors. The four main products of this Tyre recycling plant & its uses in various fields:

  • Oil(45% yield) : It is similar to L.D.O.(light diesel oil). It has a flash point between 60-93.3 degree Celsius and can be used in furnace industry, casting industry, rolling industry & crude oil distillation.
  • Carbon black(30-35% yield): It is also called “Charcoal”. It is majorly used in cement industry & ink industry.
  • Steel wire(15-20%yield): It is mainly sold to the steel dealers in good price.
  • Hydrocarbon gas(5-8%): Some molecules are too small to condense. So either can be condensed further to form oily liquid or can be directly stored into gas balloon(one of our accessories). Either of these product can be reused into the plant for heating of the reactor.
  • Thus outcome of Waste Tyre recycling plant is almost 100% without leaving any waste behind. Our offered range is equipped with unmatched characteristics of High durability, robust design, abrasion resistance body & optimum performance. This Tyre recycling plant thus reduce the use of non-renewable sources such as petroleum & natural gas.