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Drum Mix Plant - Hot Mix Plant

Asphalt drum mix plant is also called “Hot mix plant”. The ultimate mixer of asphalt, concrete, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates & filler material together gives final result of drum mix plant output. Primarily for road construction, cold aggregate mixer from wet mix macadam plant is allowed to spread to form base & minimum level of road. And then this hot aggregate obtained from Drum mix plant is used mainly to form final layer of road. Basically there are two different modes of working of plant:

  • A) Batch Type Plant
  • B) Continuous Type Plant

FABHIND Company provides drum mix plant of different capacities ranging from DM:-30-90 TONS. Drum mix plant consist of cold bin feeder, drying drum, dust collector, Burner, asphalt storage tank & asphalt supply system. Drum mix plant is fully computerized plant with automated control panel.

Drum Mix Plant Types

According to its structure & specifications, Drum mix plant is mainly divided into two types:

  • 1. Mobile Drum Mix Plant
  • 2. Stationary Drum Mix Plant

If client needs single plant for multiple site use & has filed tender of different cities then mobile plant is more reliable for those clients. If client requires plant for bigger project at single site for longer time then stationary plant is more preferable. Mobile plant is equipped with wheeled structure in single frame to impart mobility easily to the plant, while stationary plant has quite different structure as it needs to be erected using solid foundation. Both plant models are available in all different capacities (DM: 30-90 TONS).

Hot Mix Plant Working

Drum mix plant works on similar principle as Asphalt batch mix plant, but the main difference is drum mix plant does not have tower consisting of vibrating screen, hot bin, Pug mill mixer & hot aggregate elevator. In working mechanism of Drum mix plant, the mixer consisting of different size of aggregates & filler is allowed to dry & mixed with bitumen in drying drum. Hence both work of drying different sized aggregates & mixing them with hot bitumen is carried out in same unit i.e. drying drum, while batch mix plant is equipped with two separate units for carrying out these two activities i.e. drying drum for drying purpose & Pug mill mixture for mixing aggregate with hot bitumen. This resultant hot aggregate mixture is transferred into loading trucks to reach at site of road construction.

Drum Mix Plant Advantages

  • Fully automatic plant equipped with control panel for operation
  • Due to variation in structure it can be moved to different sites
  • If one needs the aggregate continuously then it can be achieved with asphalt drum mix plant-Continuous model.
  • As all components used are of high quality, less maintenance is needed
  • Easy to operate & highly reliable
  • Economic plant