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Asphalt Sensor Paver: Model-Fab 550


A PAVER machine is one of the road construction equipment used to lay hot asphalt mixture containing aggregates mixed with hot asphalt on roads providing base for compaction by roller further. A PAVER is also called Asphalt sensor paver/Paver finisher/Hydraulic paver finisher/Sensor paver. There are mainly two types of pavers: A) Mechanical Paver B) Sensor paver. Mechanical paver is basically manually operating machine while advance version of paver is Sensor paver which operates automatically according to the slope & grade of road & material respectively. There are different models of sensor paver according to its capacity & technologies incorporated into it. We, FABHIND manufacture Asphalt sensor paver: model-FAB 550. FAB 550 model of finisher paver holds an extension of screed is hydraulic to a width of 4.5 meters and half meters on each side is of Bolton type, which can be removed easily by loosening of bolts. We have made this model offering high torque and low speed. The drives used in the manufacturing are fully hydrostatic operations and lubrication process to boost the performance of the machine. Selection of the paver variant would be as per the standard for the road construction requirement to acquire the best-in-class results.

Asphalt Sensor Paver Working

The hot aggregate asphalt mixture is transferred from dump truck into paver’s hopper. This mixture is further carried from the hopper to auger which further stockpiles the readymade aggregate mixture in front of screed. The screed of Asphalt sensor paver does its job of uniformly spreading material on to the road by providing initial compaction base for the next process of actual compaction through roller.

For the roller to do its work further, Asphalt sensor paver should run at constant speed with consistent piles of mixture in its hopper from the truck because uneven speed will either increase or decrease in thickness of road layer resulting in failure in quality of road. In order to leave a smooth surface behind floating screed is used. The screed height is influenced by various factors like height, weight, angle of elevation, slope & vibration of screed. To control all the factors Sensor paver is best to use as it automatically sense & manage all of the above criteria. Thus the road obtained from the base would be of good quality.

Features of FABHIND Asphalt sensor paver:

  • A value driven paver
  • FAB 550 wheeled paver, well established in Indian market with highest market share offers value for money to the customer.
  • It is highly productive, user friendly and capable of paving up to 5.50 meters.
  • Four wheel rear drive which is a unique feature of FAB’s paver offering high traction, good ground stability, making it an ideal machine for demanding job sites.
  • Operator friendly
  • Robust technology & spontaneous design for ease to operate
  • Swinging operator console
  • Controlled vibration adjustment
  • Visibility surrounding all during driving
  • Ease of drive

Heavy-Duty screed:

  • Good pre compaction
  • Optional gas heating
  • Automatic sensing and cutoff for heating

Goal richer:

  • Material flow system ensures consistent mix delivery
  • Essential to reaching quality targets
  • Paving accuracy helps reach the exact specifications

So this type of sensor paver comes with two different types: 1. Wheel mounted 2. Crawler/track mounted. Wheel mounted sensor pavers are more famous as compared to crawler/track mounted as they are very easy to shift. Hence wheel mounted Asphalt sensor paver are mainly used by Indian road contractors for road construction.