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FABHIND PLC Control Panel

We have great PLC panel for Asphalt batch mix plant / Asphalt Drum mix plant / Concrete batching Plant / Waste tyre recycling plant .

Features of control panel of FABHIND - ASPHALT BATCH MIX PLANT

  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with HMI.
  • Fully automatic electronic solid state sequence control.
  • Operator override for manual or semi automatic control.
  • Timer controls for both wet and dry cycle.
  • Pilot lamps for indication of sequence currently operated.
  • Signals and alarms.
  • Storage of Fifty different types of mix proportions.
  • Automatic free-fall compensation.
  • Direct dialling of mix design by percentage.
  • Preset batch counter controls the number of batches for a truck-full load.
  • Provision for printing operating data on a day to day basis, like mix proportions, Batch weight, Total no. of batches, subtotal, gross total etc.
  • PLC Control Panel can also be used to set cycle (batch) time, gates open close timing, alarms, etc
  • Hot aggregates temperature at dryer discharge end.
  • PLC will help to store mix material data in different formats and print the same. We can set required weight for each bins of the mixer, concrete, water and also additive. Entire process can be displayed on main screen
  • Remote Burner flame synchronization with hot aggregates temperature.
  • Safety interlocks, in case of high temperature.


  • LC Control Panel is a microprocessor based highly customized product for high end applications.
  • It can be programmed to control anything.
  • easy to maintain
  • It is reliable and fast.
  • Easy to solve any errors.
  • It can be updated remotely.
  • User friendly.
  • It is better in cases where dust and humidity levels are more. Hence it is preferred choice for asphalt plants, concrete plants.
  • They can easily establish communication with other controllers.
  • They can integrate display units like HMI which makes operation of any machine simple.


  • PLC Control Panel can take input from various sensors and load cells give output. It is possible to see the data of asphalt batch mix plat process in graphical manner through HMI / computer screen
  • In a concrete or asphalt plant we need to observe many readings / data and combine the same to graphically represent the same on a screen. Even the basic functionality like increasing or decreasing any parameter will be easy
  • PLC Control Panel can be used for automate a simple process or function of a machine. It can even be used to manage a complicated process. PLC Control Panel advantage lies in the fact that it can be customized. It receives information from connected sensors. Data processed is use for display data of screen PLC is flexible and easy solution. We can modify the program as per our need. .we can also can start or stop any process in any emergency


  • we also can integrate SCADA with PLC panel as per name SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)we can access data from remote location


  • You can Access and control data from anywhere if you have internet connection
  • you also can check and updated with real time data
  • We also can Access data of of asphalt batch mix plant device valve , motor, pump , burner
  • if any error comes you can troubleshoot easily