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Difference Between Batch & Continuous Type Asphalt Plant

Asphalt batch mix plant has two different categories i.e. a) BATCH TYPE ASPHALT PLANT b) CONTINUOUS TYPE ASPHALT PLANT. As the name suggests “Batch type asphalt plant “, the resultant asphalt mixer is produce in batch of respective capacity every 40-50 seconds. While in “Continuous type asphalt plant” the resultant asphalt mixer is continuously & uninterruptedly formed. In case of continuous plant the mixing of aggregate, filler & bitumen take place into the drying drum continuously to produce high quality of finish product.

It also makes sure about the raw material used in it. Continuous plants have two different types: 1. Parallel flow 2. Counter flow. Parallel flow type of plant is very economic plant while counter flow type of plant is more reliable & efficient from heat exchange point of view.


In case of batch type asphalt plant the different sized aggregates are poured into the cold bin feeder which allows aggregates according to their requirement to pass through the sieve placed between slinger conveyors & drying drum. After removing of any over sized aggregate by the sieve, aggregate enters drying drum to remove any excess moisture content & to transfer uniform thermal heating to the entire aggregate mixer for further evenly coating it with bitumen in the pug mill mixer. This resultant batch of asphalt aggregate is further stored into the storage silo to transfer it into the loading truck. While for continuous type asphalt plant, the procedure is similar to batch type until aggregate enters drying drum, but after in drying drum mixing of different sized aggregate, filler & bitumen takes place. Directly from here the resultant hot asphalt aggregate is transferred to the loading truck. Hence batch type Asphalt plant facilitates high flexibility & versatility & is ideal for urban situations.

In case of Batch type asphalt plant for bitumen metering & filler metering, both bitumen & filler is measured by measuring container which ensures proper amount of respective item to be used for making ultimate product of asphalt. While in case of Continuous type of asphalt plant metering system is regularly volumetric & feed screw of variable speed is used for both bitumen & filler.


In terms of flexibility in production & quality of resultant product, batch type asphalt plant is more reliable. In batch type plant all the different components are separately weighed & produces batch every 40-50 seconds hence it is must for the contractors who serve different clients at the same time as the specifications of the components can be easily changed while maintaining the same good quality.


Here as there is no break in the cycle of producing the resultant product & drying process as well as mixing of aggregates with bitumen takes place in to the same unit of drying drum, the mixing process time is elongated. Also there is no mixing tower unit & hot elevator in this plant hence the machine is very much simplified & cost effective as there will be less maintenance.