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Salient Features

  • High production rates ranging from 12 to 36 M3/hr.
  • High quality concrete production.
  • Easy mobility.
  • No foundation requires.
  • Inbuilt cement feeding hopper with steel hinge type rain cover, platform & ladder & Water and Additive tank.
  • Control panel housed in a separate steel cabinet.
  • Mixer – PAN type, for continuous mixing.
  • Replaceable liner Tiles and Tips in to the mixer.
  • Mixer having Electronic load Cell type weighing system.
  • Loading of Aggregate/Sand Hoppers by Wheel loader/ Conveyors/ Manually.
  • Fully Automatic Electronic operation with integrated PLC / PC Control and Remote function.
  • Plant can be erected & commissioned within two days.
  • Entire plant can be transported in single 40 feet trailer & easy
  • Rigid construction of main chassis; fabricated from rolled mild steel material.
  • Fully automatic plant with Electronic weighing of Agg./Sand/Water/Cement.& semi Automatic Also Available
  • Plant only requires Electric Power Supply, Water Piping, Aggregate/Sand feeding.


  • Online Printing System.
  • Discharge Belt Conveyor.
  • Fly Ash Feeding System
  • Cement Storage Silo
  • Computer SCADA System with software.


  • “FABHIND” Mobile Concrete Batching/ Mixing Plant FI-M models are the most efficient & versatile rolling plants available in different models ranging from 15 m3/hr. to 36 m3/hr. capacities.
  • It works as a rolling concrete batch plant ready for production within few hours of arrival at site. “FABHIND” FI-M model plants consists of:
  • A heavy duty tubular section chassis on which 3 or 4 aggregate silos are bolted. Below each aggregate silo a belt conveyor runs which charge the material into the turbo mixer.
  • A turbo pan mixer is located at the center of the chassis & mounted on 3 load cells for accurate weighment.
  • A cement feeding hopper is located on one rear end of t he chassis below which a screw conveyor is fitted which charge cement into turbo mixer.
  • A water/ additive combine tank with separate pumps is fitted between the chassis at one end which delivers water & additive into turbo mixer.
  • A control panel housed in a separate steel cabinet is fitted at the front end of the chassis (at the toeing end).
  • Control panel is equipped with latest PLC with touch screen type HMI. This control system can store innumerable different mix design (recipes) with all part records up to 50 lac cum. miter. Production output.
  • The production data logging system provided in HMI eliminates the need of SCADA as all the production data
  • Logged inside the HMI can be transferred to a USB based removable storage device (USB Pen Drive) without stopping the plant.
  • The complete plant is mounted on 6 pneumatic tires of 8.25 X 16 sizes with two rear axles & one steering axle at front. All the tires are made free of load at working site by 5 Nos. of mechanical screw jacks.
  • The plant is installed on a level ground on five mechanical jacks with wooden block. No foundation is required. Complete plant is pre-wired & only needs to connect main supply cable in the panel & the plant is ready for use.

Technical Specification

Description FI-M 15 FI-M 18 FI-M 20 FI-M 25 FI-M 28 FI-M 30
Mixer Diameter & type Turbo PAN Turbo PAN Turbo PAN Turbo PAN Turbo PAN Turbo PAN
Batch size 0.5 M3 0.75 M3 0.75 M3 0.8 M3 1.2 M3 1.2 M3
Mixer Volume 1 M3 1.8 M3 1.8 M3 1.8 M3 2.2 M3 2.2M3
Cycle Time 120 Sec 150 Sec 135 Sec 175 Sec 2.5 min 2.4 min
Aggregate Silo 2.5m3 3.5 m3 3.5m3 3.5 m3 5m3 5.5m3
No. Of Aggreagte silo 3 Nos 3/4 nos 4 Nos 4 Nos 4 Nos 4 Nos
Cement Hopper 1 m3 1 m3 1 m3 1 m3 1 m3 1.4 m3
Water tank 400 ltr 400 Ltrs 600 Ltrs 750 Ltrs 700 Ltrs 700 Ltrs
Additive tank 100 Ltrs 100 Ltrs 125 Ltrs 125 Ltrs 125 Ltrs 125 Ltrs
Water Level Controller Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided
Conveyer Width 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM
Mixer Box Lubrication Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided
Total Electric Load 50.85 HP 58.35 HP* 63.35 HP 73.35 HP 92.35 HP 92.35 HP

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